Several events have come up where I can see that I need to be ordained. I need to have some backing behind my name so that I can walk into a congregation or a group and they’ll know that I’m orthodox, or at least I’m backed by people that are the same kind of orthodox as they are in a few points.

As I was preparing to figure out how to make this happen, I began to look into what it means to be ordained. One aspect of it is showing that you are educated in the Word, that you know and understand the Bible in a manner that you can teach, discern, and represent Christ in a great way. Another part of that is delving into church history and tradition and understanding classical fields of study such as Ecclesiology (study of the church), Bibliology (study of the Bible) and Pneumatology (study of the Holy Spirit). Some of that sounds good to me, some of it sounds like a bunch of nonsense.

At the same time, finished the book Linchpin by Seth Godin. Near the end, he says that the main point of a resume is to show how you are just like everyone else. It’s a form of showing your achievements in a bland, lifeless, search-bot friendly manner so you can be weeded out.

This is the opposite of that. This is where I’m going to go after some heady stuff, wring out the scriptures, and look at all of the drippings. I’m putting it here because it’s easier to collect in a single place and because, someday, I might ask some guys to look at it so they may consider laying hands on me and standing behind me.

Reading N.T. Wright with a group: The Resurrection of The Son Of God

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I have tried various kinds of book discussion groups before, some with great success, and some not so much. After watching this video of Matt Brievogel at OneLife, I rushed out and bought one of the books he was using as a dumbbell:  The Resurrection of the Son of God (Christian Origins and the Question of God, Vol. 3)

I’ve been wanting to read it for a long time, but the $45 price tag and 800 page girth were too intimidating. Once I bought it for $10 and started to try to lug the thing around, I was really glad to get some Christmas money and that it went on sale on the Kindle for under $10.

Knowing full well that I’m an excellent starter and not so hot at finishing things, I’m taking Donald Miller’s advice and creating an inciting event for myself. I’ve asked 2 interested brothers to join me in reading the book. We are all busy, and will surely have a hard time over the next 6 months to meet to talk about it, so we are doing a virtual book discussion group. We have a shared Google drive folder and every week we are going to try to stay on the same schedule and share notes, insights, or highlights from the reading for that week.

It is going to be intense, with reading 30-40 pages a week we won’t be done until August, but I think it will be some quality altMDiv experience that I want in my life.

As a prep, I’m reading How To Read A Book until January 1. Several friends have recommended it as a good way to read books on a new level.

Put all of that together with my finding Scribd gives a 30-90 day free trial has given me a good batch of religious reading for the next few months, and yes, they have the NT Wright book there too.

We will not be sharing our notes, but surely I’ll blog some bits on here, and I’ll come up with some consistent tag to help you follow along, unless you want to join us.

Uniformity and Monotony – My TEDxEvansville Talk

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I had the honor and fun of giving a talk at the inaugural TEDxEvansville. It was a great experience and I got to meet a lot of really neat people. You can view them all at YouTube with the link or you can watch mine below and get there from the links in it.

You can also Google the phrase “Uniformity and Monotony” and there I am! Of all the things you could rank for, I get that one.


Bursting Message

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When a talk goes from information that you will deliver into lyrical prose you are bursting to convey, you are in a good place.

Craig Groschel – WCAGLS – 2015

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This is the last talk of the whole summit, and his 5 points were a great way to look at next steps from all of this stuff.
I’ll forgive the cheesiness of him forcing them to be 5 C words. They weren’t even, and that stuff always comes across dumb to me, but the points were good either way.


5 ways to increase your capacity as a leader:

  1. Confidence
  2. Connections
  3. Competence (hilarious that in my *Incompetence* I misspelled that word!)
  4. Character
  5. Commitment


Sam Adeyemi – WCAGLS – 2015

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This was a really good talk. A lot of what he talked about applies in my neighborhood in Evansville too.






Brian Houston – WCAGLS 2015

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There was so much good in this talk. You can see some of it in my notes.







This business of picking an anthem for conflicts is so true. I’ll never forget singing “Some Nights” by .Fun on my way home from listening to a preacher every night at an event that was so wrong. Or “I have always loved you” by Third Day the summer I was discerning and preparing to propose to my wife. I should also mention “It’s On” by Superchic[k] the year I was a freelancer. So many anthems. This stuff about songs and relationships is absolutely true when it comes to our relationship with God too.




I found my private space at the end of Franklin Street at the pizza king. It wasn’t the same as a stained glass church, but it was a semi-private spot to get these thoughts together.

Sheila Heen – WCAGLS 2015

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Here are my notes from Sheila Heen’s talk at the Willow Creek Global Leadership Summit. She was really good. The even better part of this whole talk was that I was getting my semi-annual review at work right as I was putting the notes together! At the end she said some things about how we really see ourselves in the feedback from others, and that as a community of people we need that. Her book is here and after you read my notes you should go check it out.




wcagls shiela heen


WCAGLS Sheila Heen


WCAGLS Sheila Heen


WCAGLS Sheila Heen


OneLife West Sermon on Ephesians 6 and Parenting

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Bret Nicholson preached today on Ephesians 6 and parenting. It was a good day to do it, because it was also the first day that 6th graders are now in the main service with us. We have done the family pew thing for a long time, taking all of our kids in with us, but recently we realized our kids will get more out of their own classes and they go and enjoy them.

One thing not in these notes is where they described the Orange philosophy. My teens heard that and later in the day said it was cool how they do that. The red represents your home – where you live your life, and the yellow represents the church – the light of the world, and when they work together you get orange.

Albert Tate – WCAGLS 2015

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Andy G said they always end day one with a fiery preacher to bring stuff together from the day. That’s exactly what this guy did. It was really good. I especially like how he acted out the kid coming home from Jesus feeding the 5,000 with all of the leftovers for his family.

Wcagls albert tate 1

Wcagls albert tate 2

Sallie Krawcheck – WCAGLS 2015

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Sallie Krawcheck notes

I don’t know what it is, but if you come across as cocky or sarcastic, it’s hard for me to stay with you. There were some good ideas in this talk, but only one page of notes.

Her rubber band illustration at the end was really good. The 5 points at the end are the gold in this talk.